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Two years in! What have we learned?

Two years in, what have we learned so far….?

Hello all. Welcome to our not so regular blog. We’re now coming up to our two year anniversary as Post Electric Studio so I figured I’d write a wee piece about what we’ve been up to and the 24 important lessons we’ve learned. This will take list form as I like lists. Almost as much as biscuits.


So what have we learned?

1. It's tough to remember to write blog posts regularly.

2. However much you think you know, there is always much more to learn.

3. However good you think something sounds, it can almost certainly sound better.

4. Even if you tell bands to bring biscuits, there are never enough biscuits.

5. There is no right way to record the bagpipes (sorry David).

6. Mixing is an even blend of knowledge versus determination.

7. Don’t eat too many biscuits.

8. “Clarinets are f**$ing good by the way” (Danny Herbert)

9. Spend time at the beginning so you don't end up stuck at the end.

10. A good idea is only good if actually happens.

11. Coffee is like petrol for studios.

12. Bags of sand are your best friend.

13. Listen rather than watch.

14. Don’t put your coffee down there!

15. Haste = Waste.

16. Talkback is always momentary.

17. Tried and tested can often be bested.

18. Absorb, learn, then find your own way to do it.

19. “Take it easy” (Danny Herbert)

20. Saturation is good.

21. The client is always right unless the producer disagrees.

22. If its broken, fix it. Unless it sounds better broken.

23. Learn to solder properly.

24. Be good to your ears.


A big thank you to all the artists who’ve graced the studio over the last 2 years and see you all for my next blog post in another 48 months. Here's a few moments from the last 2 years....


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