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A high quality voice reel that stands out from the pack is essential for any actor looking to gain voice over work. Post Electric Studio can deliver a reel that will not only stand out but will focus on the most important part of the reel: your voice. At Post Electric we like to spend time ensuring that you leave happy with your final product rather than feeling like you're on a conveyor belt!

We take the time to get the best takes out of you and will edit out mouth noise, breaths, and other unwanted noises. Once you've received your reel, if you'd like anything adjusted then we are happy to do so!


Post Electric Studio provides everything that you will need on the day in order to complete your voice reel to an excellent standard. A selection of scripts from different fields are available, along with short musical clips if necessary, to compliment the reel. 

Your final reel will be delivered with and without music; the individual sections of the reel will also be delivered separately. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility in how you apply for work!


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When you contact Post Electric Studio, we may contact you in the future with marketing materials. We always ask for permission to do this.

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