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Post Electric Studio's vocal booth is at the centre of all of our voice over sessions; acoustically designed by Munro Acoustics, the vocal booth allows for extreme isolation and quality in recording. The booth can link both video and audio to any other room in the building but is most commonly used in conjunction with Studio B. 

The interlinking of the studio rooms is useful  when working on larger projects where the studio's main live room might need to be used. 


The entire signal path used for recording voice over is extremely high quality. We have a range of microphones including the ubiquitous Neumann U87, Neumann TLM 103, the Brauner VM1, and the Shure SM7B (the full list can be viewed on our GEAR page). All signals pass through high quality balanced VanDamme cable and are recorded into ProTools 12 or Reaper via either the Antelope Orion32, Lynx Hilo, or RME FireFace converters.

We use either the SSL preamps that are found in our Duality Console or the Focusrite ISA pres to ensure that noise levels are kept to their lowest possible level. At Post Electric Studio we regularly test and maintain all of our equipment to ensure the quality of the audio we deliver. 


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