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Studio B is Post Electric's hidden gem. This high-spec, Munro designed mix room is available to rent for a variety of smaller projects. It's perfect for production, post production or just mixing your record in one of Edinburgh's finest mix rooms.

Studio B comes with access to many of our best instruments and synths.


The setup allows you to plug your own laptop straight into our Antelope Orion 32 converters. This gives you access to lots of analogue toys and goodies like our vintage EMT 140 stereo plate reverb, an AMS S-DMX, a Focusrite ISA828, and our Studer A810 tape machine on your record.


  • Antelope Orion 32 USB

  • Studer A810 2-track mastering tape machine

  • Focusrite ISA 828


  • Munro Acoustics BM15 custom

  • KRK 9000

  • Adam A7X

  • we have many exotic and conventional pieces of outboard available on request - from old CBS limiters to Yamaha REV7, REV5, and SPX 90s. Get in touch for a full list!  

Studio B is ​available to rent for only:




E-mail or call to book.

*all prices without an engineer*


Thanks! Message sent.

When you contact Post Electric Studio, we may contact you in the future with marketing materials. We always ask for permission to do this

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