10 Aug 2018

Two years in, what have we learned so far….?

Hello all.  Welcome to our not so regular blog.  We’re now coming up to our two year anniversary as Post Electric Studio so I figured I’d write a wee piece about what we’ve been up to and the 24 important lessons we’ve le...

11 Jul 2017

Hello again and welcome to my regular ramblings about studio life. I thought this time I would try to talk impartially about how to choose a studio and producer for your project. I’m the first to admit that it’s a “horses for courses” approach and that although a s...

31 May 2017

Hello again.

It’s Rod again.  Here to impart more of my pseudo-wisdom / nonsense to you.

I thought this time I would write a little about how bands and artists can best prepare for coming in to a studio to record.  Over many years of being on both sides of the gl...

13 Apr 2017

Hello there. 

Some of you may have already watched our first live filmed studio session with Fatherson and there will be more to come soon. As another treat  we are also going to be putting on a bi-monthly gig at various venues in Edinburgh called "Post Electric Liv...

4 Apr 2017

Tiso Lake record straight to tape at Post Electric Studios, Edinburgh. Rod Jones discusses the differences between recording digital and analogue.

30 Mar 2017

Post Electric Studio in Edinburgh host the first Post Electric Studio live session with Fatherson. Fatherson perform 2 songs live at the studio.

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