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We now offer full online mixing services. For only £149/track* your song will be mixed by one of our in-house engineers and you will receive a professional sounding result with a quick turn over time of 7 days or less. We can usually make things happen even faster if you have a deadline looming. No matter if you recorded at Abbey Road, at the college, in your bedroom or if you are unhappy with previous mix results in general, we will give your song all the attention it needs and use whatever gear is required to get the job done (see our gear page for examples). 

*discounts available for bigger projects

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You send us your raw files and we will give you a date by which we have mixed them. It's as easy as that. We do not have a track limit per song and we allow for up to two free revisions in case you are not fully happy with the results the first time. 

Download and read our mix delivery guidelines here.


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When you contact Post Electric Studio, we may contact you in the future with marketing materials. We always ask for permission to do this

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